Research Development Grant Recipients

Recipient Research Project Year Awarded
Taylor Mack
"Does This Look Okay? Examining Self-Presentation Expectations for Corporate Women using Communication Theory of Identity
Jacqueline N. Gunning
"Exploring (Dis)Enfranchising Healthcare Experiences of African American, Latina/o/x, and American Indian/Alaskan Native Women with Autoimmune Disease
Jaclyn H. Nolan
Willie McGee and the Legacy of Legal Lynching
Satarupa Dasgupta
The impact of mobility and visibility on stigmatization and support services access and utilization among non-brothel-based transient sex workers in India
Kirara Nagatsuka
“Half-Breed” Women. Intersectionality of Hafu and Biracial females in Japan and the U.S.
Yin Yang
Postpositivist Approach to Gender Inequality in Feminist Media and Communication Studies: A 10-Year Review
Meredith Neville-Shepard
Sporting Sexism: An Analysis of Arguments About Regulating Women’s Athletic Attire
Raka Shome
Cleansing the Nation: Hindu Nationalism and the Gender Politics of the Clean India Campaign
Brandi Lawless and Yea-Wen Chen
"(Re)Connecting with Immigrant Women Faculty During Double Pandemics of COVID-19 and Anti-Black Racism"
Tamanika Ferguson
"Voices from the Inside: Incarcerated Women Speak"
Lauren E. Peters
"Health Care and Re-Traumatization: An Examination of Uncertainty Management and Social Support for Survivors of Sexual Assault During Routine Pelvic Exams"
Teigha Mae VanHester
"Cultivating Defiant Sovereignty: Queering the Assemblage of Fat, Black Feminist Ecological Imagination as Liberatory Practice"
Shardé M. Davis "Talking with my Sistahs: Testing the Role of Stress during HIV-Related Discussions among Black Women and HIV Risk and Prevention Outcomes” 2020
Ashley Cassandra Joi Daniels "Unlocking the Power of the Sister Vote: Examining the Motivations of Black Women Supporting Black Women Candidates” 2020
Lisa Roth "Rhetorical Analysis of 1980s Lesbian Public Discourse: Reconstituting Lesbian Identity, Activism, and Community during the Rise of the New Right” 2020
Margarida Costa da Silva Catela Teixeira "Survivors’ Perspectives on Anti-Trafficking Communication and Social Change” 2020
Noorie Baig "Understanding South Asian 'Activist' Narratives on the Model Minority Myth: An Oral History Project" 2019
Olivia Wright "'We Asked for Life!': American Women's Prison Zines as Sites of Art and Protest, 1930-2019" 2019
Amber Johnson "Afrofuturism as Radical Feminist Beginning: A Transfuturity Project" 2019
Adriande Gonzalez "Promotoras and the Texas Colonias: A Study of Occupational Identity, Organizing, and Community Building" 2019
Milkie Vu & Ghenet Besera "Refugee Women's Sexual and Reproductive Health: Understanding Experiences with Accessing and Utilizing Services" 2018
Jasmine Austin "Rhetorical Absence of Black Women's Identities During Realistic Organizational Previews" 2018
Kallia Wright "Narratives about Endometriosis Experiences in Jamaica" 2018
Woori Han "Cultural and Affective Production of Queer Women in the Korea Queer Culture Festival" 2017
Patricia Davis "Lifting as We Climb: Black Clubwomen" 2017
Larissa Brian "Illicit Objects: The Politics of Sex Toys under the Rule of Alabama's Anti-Obscenity Enforcement Act" 2017
Lisa Flores "Deportable Laborers: Rhetorical Tropes in the Making of Mexican Disposability" 2017
Desiree D. Rowe and Michaela Frischherz "Women's Orgasm and the Happiness Imperative" 2017
Megan McFarlane  "Exploring Servicewomen's Pregnancy Experiences: Communicative Construction of Embodiment" 2016
Shadee Abdi  "Considering LGBT Iranian-American Women and their Narratives of Identity and Family Negotiation" 2016
Natalie Fixmer-Oraiz  "Homeland Maternity: Risk, Security, and the New Reproductive Regime" 2016
Kristina Bogos  "Female Migrant Workers in Qatar" 2016
Emily Deering Crosby "Feminine Twang: Rhetorical Strategies of Country Music's Legendary Second Wave Women" 2015
Kate Siegfried "Feminist Cultural Production & Historicizing the Third Wave: Learning From the Rhetoric of the Riot Grrrl Movement" 2015
Carly S. Woods "The Problem with Purple Penguins: Gender Trouble at a Site of 'Ordinary Democracy'" 2015
Bethany Johnson and Margaret M. Quinlan "Practitioner-Patient Communication: Women's Experiences with Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility" 2015
Jenna N. Hanchey "A Postcolonial-Feminist Communicative Approach to International Aid Relationships in Sub-Saharan Africa" 2015
Shardé M. Davis "Investigating Collective Communication Patterns in Black Women Friend Circles: A Test of The Strong Black Woman Theoretical Framework" 2015
Karrin Vasby Anderson "Sexualizing Citizenship" 2015
Kathleen M. de Onis "'Es una lucha doble': Articulating Environmentalism and Nationalism in Puerto Rico's Archipelago" 2014
Brooke Erin Duffy “Labor of Love: Gender and Creative Work in the Age of Social Media” 2014
Kendra Dyanne Rivera “This is Just Life: Pregnant Mexican-American Women Negotiate Boundaries and Borders between Work, Life, and Cultures” 2014
Erin L. McCutcheon “Reading Between the Lines: Women, Art and Identity in Post– 1968 Mexico City” 2014
Ariadne A. Gonzalez “Tenemos que salir adelante: An examination of Mexican immigrant domestic workers’ occupational identity on the TexasMexico border” 2014
Laura Christiansen "'Could You Not Do that Please?': Representations of Women and Womanhood by Drag Performance in the Shit Girls Say Genre"  2013
Fatima Zahrae Chrifi Alaoui  "The Uprising of Arab Women in North Africa" 2013 
Suzanne Pullen & Roberta Cheverette  "The Abortion Monologues: (Re)Embodying the Stories Silenced by Dominant Discourses of Reproduction"  2013 
Raka Shome  "White Femininity and National Identity"  2013 
Eve Ng

"The Transnational Contexts of LGBT Digital Media Production and Consumption" 

Anndrea Ellison "Defending Womanhood in America: The Formation of Women as Political Actors in the 1980s" 2012
Marion Meyers "African American Women in the News: Gender, Race and Class in Journalism" 2012
Jillian Baez "La Familia Latina Unida: Undocumented Mothers Using Social Media for Immigration Reform" 2012
Melissa Carrion "The Personal is Technical: Mothers' Decision-Making about Vaccination" 2012
Rebecca Murphy-Keith "Language and Identity Reformation: Women Transcending Child Sexual Abuse” 2012
Christine Gallagher Kearney
"Through a Feminist Lens: Language, Power and Identity in Catalan Nationalism”
Vandy Ramadurai
“Social Capital, Food Insecurity, and Gender: A Subaltern Feminist Project in an Indian Slum”
Suzanne Enck-Wanzer “Living Their Stories: Interrogating Cycles of Victimization, Incarceration, and Healing” 2011
Alyssa Samek "Queering Citizenship, Crafting Identity, and Envisioning Liberation at the Intersections: A Rhetorical Analysis of 1970s Lesbian Feminist Public Discourse" 2010
Kathleen de Onis
"In Search of Reproductive Justice for Latinas and their Immigrant Sisters"
Sara McKinnon
"A Feminist Investigation of Messages of Gender and Sexuality in Western European Immigration Contexts"
Sara Hayden & Lynn O'Brien Hallstein "Contemplating Maternity in the Era of Choice: Explorations into Discourses of Reproduction" 2009
Ellen W. Gorsevski "Dangerous Women: The Rhetoric of the Women Nobel Peace Laureates" 2009
Alina Haliliuc "Totalitarian Memories: Contemporary Discursive Limits to Politicizing Romanian Women's Experiences" 2009
Colleen W. Colaner & Christine E. Rittenour "Mother/Daughter Communication of Interwoven Values: Transmissions of Mother, Feminist, and Generativity Identities" 2009
Susan Szmania "Social Support Networks Among Iraqi Refugee Women Living in Sweden" 2008
Maegan Parker "From the Front Porch to the Platform: Fannie Lou Hamer and the Rhetoric of the Black Freedom Movement." 2008